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Honeycomb shades on Catamaran

Honeycomb shades on Catamaran

Savannah Blinds, Shutters & Shades was honored when we received a call from a yacht owner in Savannah, GA who needed a solution for their boat windows. Since all our window treatments come from quality manufacturers who custom build to fit every window, we knew we could help them with this special project.

Our designer saw that the owner of the Necker Belle needed something that was easy to open and close as well as a treatment that helped with solar protection. Norman® Honeycomb Shades were the right solution for the catamaran since they naturally trap heat from the sun within the honeycomb structure. Our expert installers did a great job. Now the interior space of this stunning yacht has equally beautiful shades that keep the cool air in while allowing full view access whenever desired.

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If you're looking for honeycomb shades in Savannah, call Savannah Blinds, Shutters, and Shades at 912-224-0459, or fill out our online request form.

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