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Metal Canopy in Historic District of Savannah, GA

Metal canopy historic district savannah ga

There is something about the Historic District in beautiful Savannah, GA! Each courtyard has so much character and charm 🌿🌺. We love working in the beautiful area, but the heat can be unbearable some days. The sun will make its way into every courtyard causing the area to be unusable for the majority of the day. Luckily we are able to provide multiple solutions for this issue.

For the project below we provided and installed a 20x8 Metal Canopy with a built-in gutter system ⛈ If you are looking to add shade to your piece of paradise, give us a call at 📲912-224-0459.

Savannah Metal Canopy Gallery

Savannah, GA

Products Used: Ballew's Metal Canopy

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