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Get Storm Protection for Your Savannah Home

With hurricane season just around the corner, we all must take steps to protect our homes and loved ones from harsh weather. An effective way to keep your Savannah home protected during this time is to outfit it with windows that feature storm protection.

We offer a line of quality storm protection products to meet both your needs and the look of your home. Whether you're looking for hurricane shutters, rolling shutters, storm windows, or any other kind of storm shutter, you can count on us for quality products and installation work at a great price.

Hurricane Shutters

hurricane shutters savannah ga If you want a system that is only put in place prior to severe weather events, hurricane shutters are perfect for you. These strong and sturdy shutters protect your windows and home, but are taken down once the weather has passed. Let us show you the variety of window coverings that you have available.

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Bahama Shutters

bahama shutters savannah ga Bahama shutters are a single piece fixture that hinges at the top, as opposed to the sides. They are not only functional, they are attractive as well. We want to be a part of helping you keep your windows in tact, while still beautifying the look of your home.

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Accordion Shutters

accordion shutters savannah ga Accordion shutters are one of the best forms of hurricane protection for any Savannah home or business. If you are looking for quality accordion shutters to install over windows or glass door areas, call Savannah Blinds Shutters and Shades.

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Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters savannah Simple but very durable, the rolling shutter systems are remarkably easy to use. They can either be controlled manually or motorized so you can use a remote control. If you are looking for rolling shutters for your Savannah home, we carry and install the latest options at great prices. They are highly durable and actually look great whether opened or closed.

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Storm Panels

storm panels savannah ga You can protect your home from any storm with our durable storm panels. Hurricane panels are great to use instead of boarding up the house if you know the bad weather is coming. In Savannah, it can be very important to have something covering the windows and glass doors. But you do want to be careful when choosing storm panels because they are not all made the same. Some are very hard to open and close, and there are some that aren't made well.

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